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Understand your baby's cry

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Bring your old device

You need two devices to use WAAH - your main phone and an old device. Currently, we support Android devices.

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Parent's device and a baby's device should be logged in with the same Google account.

Get alert, Understand your baby’s cries

Experience accurate baby monitoring, 

get a clear reason why your baby is crying.

WAAH analyzes the acoustic feature of a baby's cry and tells you reasons with 6 different categories. WAAH helps you to give your little one better care.

Provides a clear reason for your baby's cry by analyzing acoustic features.

WAAH uses AI technology to detect baby cry, unlike other baby monitor apps which are simply based on amplitude.

You can also adjust cry detection sensitivity and noise detection sensitivity.

Provides both noise detection alarm and baby cry alarm.

Smart monitoring

with precise alert

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Interprets Crying

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